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leslievette, but you can call me Leslie. 23 year old born and raised in the bay. LA is my second home. Obsessed with anything & everything Disney.
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Lover of music. Proud Azalean. Prince is the greatest to ever do it. Gym Class Heroes are my boys and I love 'em to death. Bad Rabbits are fucking incred. Aubrey Drake Graham...yea I like him too. Tattoos are kind of my thing. Shoe addict. Those are the basics

Oh yea, I run

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IG: missevette


Man, I hate stupid girls!Marry a stupid girl, you have stupid kids!Don’t believe me? Follow a stupid kid home.See if someone stupid don’t answer the door

Man, I hate stupid girls!
Marry a stupid girl, you have stupid kids!
Don’t believe me? 
Follow a stupid kid home.
See if someone stupid don’t answer the door

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